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How The Art & Money Course Can Help You – Video

Art & Money Course from Lee Devonish on Vimeo.

What’s holding you back?

The mortgage, rent, bills, school uniforms, childcare… it seems as if making art & money don’t seem to mix.

Don’t let money hold you back from making your artwork!

My course helps emerging artists learn how to combine personal finance and art practice principles  to become confident professionals.


In my course you will learn:

How to examine your money mindset & tame your personal finances

How to identify various sources of income to fit your life

How to produce an artist’s website that promotes your work

How to connect with your audience online and offline


The Personal Finance + Professional Practice Course will help you overcome the barriers to earning income from your art.

The course covers 8 weeks and consists of a financial challenge alongside instruction on practical marketing techniques.

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